Saturday, July 21, 2012

Muzak misses

There are many features of life today that reinforce how powerless the individual is in the face of "marketing". But few are as annoying as the mindless omnipresence of Muzak. Why are we still being treated to nondescript wallpaper music? Why have most cafe and restaurant owners still not developed and appreciable musical taste or even common sense?

No, I am not saying my musical taste is the best and anyone who doesn't agree is a peasant. The people who think Muzak boosts sales need to realise that you can't play the same music day in, day out. What works on a Friday night in a club is not going to work early on the next morning. Saturday night fever needs different musical wallpaper from that required for a Sunday brunch.

Muzak seems to be here to stay. But is it to much to ask that it gets a bit more sophisticated?

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